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    Nanowires are promising building blocks for artificial photosynthesis.

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    Nanowires enable novel solar cell geometries for improved performance.

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    The nanowire geometry is intriguing for miniaturized optics and photonics.

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    Nanowires can inhibit heat transport for next-generation thermoelectrics.


October 2016


Recent graduate Kelsey Sakimoto receives the Kavli Best Student Thesis 2015-16 Award! Congratulations, Kelsey!





Invited by President Obama's office, Peidong will join the White House Frontier Conference, discussing artificial photosynthesis in the Global Frontier track.


September 2016


Our group's photosynthetic hybrid semiconductor-bacteria systems are featured by the Future of Life Institute article, "Artificial Photosynthesis: Can We Harness the Energy of the Sun As Well As Plants?" Excerpt: "Peidong Yang has already created a system of artificial photosynthesis that out-produces nature. If he continues to increase the efficiency and durability of his PBS, artificial photosynthesis could revolutionize our energy use and serve as a sustainable model for generations to come."




Kelsey's work on self-photosensitized photosynthetic bacteria for artificial photosynthesis is featured on the microbiology podcast BacterioFiles.

August 2016Sustainocene-DISC-PREVIEW-002

The Global Artificial Photosynthesis Project (Brainchild of Prof. Tom Faunce at Australia National University and several scientists including Peidong) produces its first music CD album:  Sustainocene: Beautiful World From Global Artificial Photosynthesis, with a short excerpt from Peidong's talk a couple of years ago.

Sample songs:
Split by Sun - Mark Walmsley, Tom Faunce
Corporatocene - Mark Walmsley, Tom Faunce (ft. Peidong Yang)


Nick is awarded the Royal Society Newton International Fellowship! newton-fund-logo-310

June 2016

kelsey autumn-haadf



  Sustainable Nano features Kelsey's work on self-photosensitized bacteria: Bacteria in the Shell: A Nano-bio Hybrid for Solar Energy Capture.





Sam's review,  "Semiconductor Nanowire Lasers," makes the cover of Nature Reviews Materials.





May 2016

Congratulations to Nick, Andrew, Kelsey, Arky, and Stephanie on graduating!

2016-graduation reasonable size



Our group's research on artificial photosynthesis is featured in an essay in Aeon: Sunshine in a Bottle.






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Peidong is elected to the National Academy of Sciences!

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