Meeting Schedule

Group Meetings take place Wednesdays, 2-4PM in 320 Hildebrand Hall. The first 15 minutes of every group meeting are reserved for a safety discussion.

Group Meeting Schedule Fall 2018.

Research Research Literature
Aug. 29 Jia (perovskite) Yifan (catalysis) ChristopherJ
Sep. 5 Qiao (perovskite) Stefano (bio) Andy
Sep. 12 Yuexiao (bio) Mufan (catalysis) Martin
Sep. 19 Michael (catalysis) Minliang (perovskite) Chubai
Oct. 3 Teng (perovskite) Yuhong (bio) Ye
Oct. 10 Sheena (catalysis) Lina (perovskite) Sunmoon
Oct. 17 ChristopherK (catalysis) Hong (perovskite) Mengyu
Oct. 24 Dohyung Kim (catalysis) Yong (perovskite) Shouping
Oct. 31 Hao (bio) Jianmei (perovskite) Sheena
Nov. 7 Sunmoon (catalysis) Ye (perovskite) Zhenni
Nov. 14 Shouping (catalysis) Mengyu (perovskite) Stefano
Nov. 21 Andy (perovskite) Bei (catalysis) Teng
Nov. 28 Martin (perovskite) Joohoon (perovskite) Hao
Dec. 5 ChristopherJ (perovskite) Chubai (catalysis) Minliang
Dec. 12 Zhenni (perovskite) Qiao


Additionally, subgroup meetings are held weekly.

Catalysis Subgroup: Monday 9AM, 320 Hildebrand Hall

Perovskite Subgroup: Monday 2PM, 320 Hildebrand Hall

Bio Subgroup: Monday 4PM, 320 Hildebrand Hall