Meeting Schedule

Group Meetings take place Wednesdays, 2-4PM in 320 Hildebrand Hall. The first 15 minutes of every group meeting are reserved for a safety discussion.

Group Meeting Schedule, Spring 2018:

Research I Research II Literature
Jan. 17 Bei (catalysis) Ye
Feb. 7 Yifan (catalysis) HaoZ (bio) Sheena
Feb. 14 Qiao (perovskite) Stefano
Feb. 21 Ye (perovskite) Yude (bio) Zhenni
Feb. 28 HaoL (perovskite) Hong (perovskite) Shouping
Mar. 7 Dylan (perovskite) Dohyung (catalysis) Mengyu
Mar. 14 Yong (perovskite) Mike (catalysis) Sunmoon
Mar. 21 Group chemical inventory
Mar. 28 Minliang (perovskite) Jia (perovskite) Andy
Apr. 4 Chenlu (catalysis) Chun Ting (perovskite) Teng
Apr. 11 Stefano (bio) Jianmei (perovskite)
Apr. 18 Zhenni (perovskite) Yuexiao (bio) Yifan
Apr. 25 Shouping (catalysis) Qiao
May 2 Mengyu (perovskite) Martin (perovskite) HaoZ
May 9 Sunmoon (catalysis) Chubai (bio) Chenlu
May 16 Teng (perovskite) Christopher (perovskite) Dohyung
May 23 Sheena (catalysis) Andy (perovskite)  Minliang

Additionally, subgroup meetings are held weekly.

Catalysis Subgroup: Monday 9AM, 320 Hildebrand Hall

Perovskite Subgroup: Monday 2PM, 320 Hildebrand Hall

Bio Subgroup: Monday 4PM, 320 Hildebrand Hall