Summary of Research Interests

One-dimensional (1D) nanostructures are of both fundamental and technological interest. They not only exhibit interesting electronic and optical properties intrinsically associated with their low dimensionality and the quantum confinement effect, but also represent the critical components in the potential nanoscale device applications. With the ever-decreasing sizes of these 1D nanostructures, the “bottom-up” chemical approach is playing an increasing role due to its capability of making much smaller features as compared to the “top-down” approach. Major challenges, however, remains in order to fully exploit the 1D nanostructures: namely, the development of suitable chemical strategies for the rational synthesis, organization and integration of these nanoscale building blocks.

The Yang research group is interested in the synthesis of new classes of materials and nanostructures, with an emphasis on developing new synthetic approaches and understanding the fundamental issues of structural assembly and growth that will enable the rational control of material composition, micro/nano-structure, property and functionality. We are interested in the fundamental problems of electron, photon, and phonon confinement as well as spin manipulation within 1D nanostructures.

The chemistry and physics we have developed in previous years will be critical for the group research in forthcoming years. Future work in the group will primarily focus on chemical integration, self-organization, and physical property studies of these 1D building blocks. Major efforts will be placed on increasing the complexity of 1D nanostructures by incorporating well-defined heterojunctions, as well as addressing the impact of structural complexity on specific functionalities, such as light emission and energy conversion properties. Significant efforts will also be devoted to developing efficient chemical processes to assemble individual nanowires into desired configurations or system architectures.

Research projects are active in the following areas (click to learn more):