Nanowire-Cell Interface

We are in the process of developing a fully-integrated and highly-sensitive nanowire probe platform for single cell endoscopy. Developing of such flexible nanowire probes would enable us to monitor in-vivo biological processes within single living cells and will greatly improve our fundamental understanding of cell functions, intracellular physiological processes, and cellular signal pathway. There are several key features associated with these cell endoscopy nanowire probes: Minimal invasiveness; high flexibility; high refractive index; evanescent wave optical sensing principle with highly localized excitation and detection scheme; and nonlinear optical conversion capability. Such novel nanowire probes promise intracellular imaging with greatly enhanced 3-dimensional spatial resolution as well as temporal resolution. In addition, these nanowire probes could also be used to spot-delivery or extraction of chemicals (proteins/DNAs) from single living cells with much improved spatial resolution as compared to conventional delivery/extraction methods.


Research Milestones


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