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DOI: 10.1021/acs.jpclett.7b01357 [pdf]



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A novel series of Bi-1212 superconducting cuprates (Bi1-xCdx)Sr2(Y1-yCay)Cu2Oz has been discovered in this work. The structure was suggested to be that of (Bi, Cu)Sr2YCu2Oz with Cd2+ ions substituting into the Cu2+ sites in the rock-salt-type (Bi, Cu)O layers. The superconductivity was induced in the as-prepared samples by treatment under oxygen pressure of 10 atm at 800°C with a composition of (Bi0.27Cd0.73)Sr2(Y0.7Ca0.3)Cu2Oz. The zero-resistivity temperature is 26 K.